How to create a Drupal book

Book outline

If you have a group of related pages you can assemble them into a book.
Either choose or create a main or introductory page for your book. Edit this page and down in the Book outline section and choose create new book then this will be the parent page of all other book pages.
To add pages to this book, in the Book outline section choose the book you created in the part and these pages will be part of your book.

What Is Good SEO?

Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting a higher listing in on-line searches. This has also been called Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Searchers, hopefully your customers, search for something they want and get a list of sites. Most do not look past the first page of listings. Search engine Optimization is the things that are done to get high ranking on this first page. -> Read more

What is http?

It could be said that http is the basis for the internet. HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the method by which a web page requests another web page. They will both typically be HTML files on different web servers that stores web pages until they are requested, possibly, by a user agent such as a web browser such as the one you are using to view this web page.
The most common request method is get

Your Biggest Mistake With SEO (and Your Web Site)

Don’t get sidetracked. Often when we get excited about a project we forget why we started it in the first place. This is often the problem with SEO (search engine optimization) to most people this just means getting more people to their website. -> Read more

How To Keep Customers From Using Your Website


Music is the best way. Imagine you are in a quiet office nothing but soft click of keyboards and distant phone calls. The boss walks in to your cubicle and reminds you about the widgets he asked for last week. Quickly you go to the widget website to get them. Suddenly as he is standing there the widget music breaks in loudly proclaiming its presence like a thunderclap. Quick, close that damn thing and go to a different but quiet widget web site for product information. All that noise with the page should keep anyone from wanting to visit your site, especially in a quite office. -> Read more

What is a Good Web Page?

Web pages are made for a purpose (if it is not made for a purpose then it is art not a web page), so the first test should be, Does it accomplish that purpose? Fix this purpose in your mind. The average user having thousands of choices will give yours about 10 seconds. OK quick look at your web page, can you see in ten seconds how to accomplish that purpose? In the real world of pass or fail e-commerce that is the only consideration. -> Read more



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