Get free website installation and customization with your website maintenance account account

Your new website: is included free with your maintenance account. Use it as your website or a starting point for future customization.

This is a mobile ready website that can be viewed on any device from an iPhone to a desktop computer. You can use the Google mobile friendly tester at or to see this.
Your website maintenance account is $69 quarterly and includes your own cPanel hosting and domain name. Each account has email

Your new website can be easily updated, You can easily add new pages or modify the current pages just by logging in or if you would rather have it done for you just send your updates and changes by email, labor is $49.00 but quotations are gladly given. Questions by email or contact form are answered quickly.

Set up of your website maintenance account account includes up to one hour of free labor.
You can include your own pictures on the home page rotating banner.
Send up to 12 for 3 rotating collages of 4 pictures each. You can also send the artwork to have your logo added to the banner.
Set up includes an About page and a contact page.
You will have comments that may be turned on or off
Can have an author and date by line on each article.

Why you need a mobile website

Mobile websites size their display to fit the device they are shown on. This means they will look different depending on the size of the device, whether it be an iPhone or tablet. Mobile and responsive are sometimes used interchangeably. Responsive websites respond to the device they are shown on.

Over half of all website visitors use a tablet or a smart phone and this number only continues to grow. I think that in the future only programmers, developers and graphic artists will use desktop computers. Unless your website is responsive customers will not be able to use it. In order to stay in business you will need a mobile website. You can see what your website looks like on different devices at

Google gives special ranking to mobile websites. You can see if your site passes the Google mobile test at

Client reviews

I would rate 10 out of 10 Quick response time, very knowledgeable and helpful through entire set up and maintenance. Would recommend to anyone!
Galesburg Public Schools Foundation (client since 2005)

10 out of 10 Knowledgeable, accommodating. Thank you.
Eagle View Community Health (client for 1 year)