Get this website free with your hosting account

  • Get a dot com of your choice depending availability
  • Your own cPanel to manage your hosting account
  • File Manager to update your website and upload files

Install a new Drupal 7 theme

  • Choose Drupal 7 at
  • Download version 7 compatible theme from
  • Decompress both folders
  • Upload to website in /public_html/sites/all/themes in sites all themes folders
  • Visit appearance and enable and set as default the theme you just uploaded

Set up new Drupal 7 site

These are my own steps for setting up a new account in Drupal in 7. There are different ways but this is mine. I am using cPanel Version 11.42.1, PHP version 5.4.32 and MySQL version 5.5.40-36.1

  1. Verify domain name for accuracy at your domain registar
  2. Create account in web host manager (WHM)
  3. Log into cPanel using new account information
  4. Create MySQL Database, user and add user to new database
  5. Create account in Filezilla
  6. Download newest Drupal 7 version to my Windows desktop

How Do You Point A Domain To Up Your Website?

Nameserver Hostnames

At your domain registrar enter the nameserver hostnames on the Domain Nameservers page. If I am hosting the site for you your nameserver hostnames and notice the periods they are important. If you are hosting your web site somewhere else you will have to get your nameserver hostnames from them. Then at the web site of your domain name registrar enter them on the Domain Nameservers page. -> Read more

Streamline Your Articles For Maximum Impact

Streamline Your Articles

Readers on the web scan rather read. They are trying to gather as much information as fast as possible. This is because of the large amount of information out there. Anything searched for will yield several pages of results and many look inviting. The result of this is that anyone who gets to your page through a search engine also has several other pages they want to read also. -> Read more

You can be a blogger

Yes you can, just stop and think what you do with your time that you most enjoy and write about it. The more you write the easier it will get, you just need to get startled.



  • 11:01 AM 31 October 2014