How To Make A Website

Website Jobs

There are several categories of jobs which work together to create a website.


The photographer takes the pictures used on the website. The developer may buy these pictures from a company such as Corbis or iStockphoto, which specialize in providing photos for graphic arts. Some web developers feel that for web sites it is better to have photos of that specific business instead of generic photos.

Graphic designer

The graphic designer will use the photos to create artwork for the website. Sometimes artwork will be created without photos as a starting point. All artwork created for the Internet must optimized. These files are compressed by removing color information up to a point where it noticeable in the picture. Pictures, which are over compressed, are said to pixilated.


The programmer writes the actual computer language which makes up a website.


The copyrighter or content specialist could be thought of as a journalist like the newspaper reporter, which may write articles but does not print the newspaper. Usually the business owner best does this since they are most knowledgeable about their own business. A web developer can act as content specialist but must research the subject much like a college term paper. Since this is so time consuming most small business owners prefer to do this themselves instead of paying the hourly wages to have it done.

Marketing Specialist.

Marketing specialists may research what people are searching for and have articles written on those topics. They may also find what terms or search phrases people are using to search a specific product. They are often responsible for insuring that the website is capable of being indexed by search engines. The ultimate goal is for customers to find products when they are not familiar with the company that supplies them.

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