Paste Into Your Word Processor With Out The Annoying Formatting

Here is how to get rid of this annoyance. When typing in your word processor and you want to copy a word from some where else (more than a word or two requires that you give credit to the author) you can copy it by dragging your cursor over it while holding down on the left side of your mouse, then hold your mouse over the selected text and click on the right side of your mouse, from the menu that appears choose copy. This will place the selected text onto your clipboard. Your clipboard is simply an area in memory. The problem begins when you try to paste this text into your word processor and it uses the same formatting. Pasting into notepad can defeat this extremely annoying habit. Paste the text into notepad. Then choose ctrl-a to select all and ctrl-x to copy it back to your clipboard with out the formatting. You can now paste it into your word processor with out the annoying formatting.

  • 12:07 PM 3 September 2015

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