How to change an existing article

While you are logged in, find the article on the menu. Click on the article to open it. If you are logged in you will see an edit tab for articles you created. Only administrators can edit all articles. After you click on the edit tab you will be able to edit your article in the body and title areas. If you don't see the edit tab at top of the article you may need to click on the article title. The edit tab only shows on the full article page.


How to add a page to your website

When you are logged in choose create content from the menu. Choose article for the content type. Title is required and you put your article in the area labeled Body. Click save at bottom of the page. Your article will added to the Navigation menu,.


How to log in or sign on to your Drupal web site

  1. Find Login | Register at the bottom of the page and click on Register to create a new account
  2. On this new page find User account and fill in your email address and your agency name as Username
  3. On the next screen you will see a box saying that your new account is pending approval